What is Soul Bride

Ya know, I don’t even know what soul bride is, I just thought it would be a funny name to use. My name is Eric and since this is my first post here (maybe even my only, idk yet) I’ll tell you a little about me.

I’m a business man, a family man, and I do my damnedest to get ahead in this world by any means necessary. I do everything from web design and SEO to marketing and I own more than a dozen websites. I work from home which gives me a lot of time with my family and I love it. My latest website is

free stuff for gamers where members can sign up and get, well, free stuff for gamers. My blog where I do the bulk of my serious ranting and raving is Pandagravy and one of my favorite sites I’m working on is building a website on a budget

I hope that gives you a bit of info, more than you had anyway. Feel free to check out some of my sites and I’ll see you soon (or not, who knows)